If you are keen on architecture and cultural heritage, you may not forget to visit:

• Aurillac

Take some time to wander in the city center narrow streets and let Aurillac reveal its natural architecture masterpieces….Saint Geraud Church, The Jordanne riverr banks, Saint Etienne tower castle and the volcanoes museum...www.iaurillac.com

• The medievals cities :

Salers  (www.salers-tourisme.fr )ou Marcolès (www.marcoles.fr )

• Castles :

> Conros :  www.chateau-conros.com /‎ 14 min
> Pesteils à 18 min : www.chateau-pesteils-cantal.com
> Anjony à 23km : www.anjony.fr

• Museums : 
> Musée des volcans d’Aurillac
(5 min à pied)
> Maison de la Chataigne ( à Mourjou)  : www.maisondelachataigne.com   

• National stud Farm Horses: 

In horses boxes or paddocks, admire the National Stud Farm horses whether ridden or driven from a carriage. 

You can visit the different places by your own or cantact the Tourist Office of Aurillac for a guided tour.